Friends of St John Constitution & Rules

We the Friends of St John the Evangelist, Churchdown and Innsworth, in order to maintain the fabric of this building, do ordain and establish this Constitution, for the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of this establishment.

Article 1 : The name of this organisation is Friends of St John the Evangelist, Churchdown and Innsworth but will be known as “Friends of St John’s”.

Article 2 : The purpose of this organisation is to have at least two fundraising events per annum in order to accrue funds when the need arises for the upkeep of the building.

Article 3 : Membership : To become a member an annual fee of at least £20 should be made payable to St John’s PCC.  It would be appreciated if this could be gift aided where possible.

Article 4 : There will be a number of members designated to lead the friends known as “The Committee”.  This Committee will be answerable to the PCC.

Article 5 : The Committee will make decisions regarding fundraising and liaise with the PCC at all times.

Article 6 : This Constitution will be accepted by the PCC.

Article 7 :  All monetary transactions will be handled by the PCC Treasurer.

Article 8 :  Members to be invited to all patronal celebrations at St John the Evangelist, Churchdown and Innsworth.

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