We have two halls, one large and one small.  These facilities are very well used but enquiries are always welcomed  by the Church Office.

We have a Hall Licensee, Mr Peter Stephenson, who will agree to  the consumption of alcohol by authorising an application form supplied by the Church Office and completed by the applicant.  This authorised application form must be displayed in a prominent place during an event.  Comsumption of alcohol by under 18 year olds is not allowed.


CRIBS – contact Annie James 01386 462944

MNDA –  contact Mr Dennis Grogan 01452 676631

Movement to Music  – contact Mrs Dorothy Bone 01452 855112

Music with Mummy – contact Mrs Jeanette Crumpton 07940566759

Oddfellows – contact Mrs Dot Hammond 01452 712854

Orchid Society – contact  Mr Tom Price 01452 421408

PSP Association – contact Mrs Lesley Flannagan 01452 859688

Special Senior Friendship – contact Mrs Dorothy Bone 01452 855112

St John’s Players – contact Mrs Sue Ryder 01452 713952

Whist Club – contact Mr and Mrs Gledhill 01452 856994

Women’s Institute – contact Mrs Sharmila Door,  sharmiladoor@me.com