Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support Team

Some of you may be aware of this new group that offers support within the Parish. Others have asked, ‘What is it all about’, hence this clarification.

As. Rev. Jacqui settled in to Parish life she became increasingly aware that bereaved families in the Parish might benefit from more support both before and after the funeral. At the end of January this year Rev. Richard Inglesby, Vee Bolch and Lesley Flannagan accompanied her to a Church of England information day entitled ‘Taking Funerals Seriously’. Following that our Bereavement Support Team started working together with bereaved families.

What is Bereavement Support, and how does it work?

Either Vee or Lesley accompany whichever member of the clergy will be taking the service, to a first meeting with the families to discuss and help arrange the funeral of the of the person who has passed away. Following that meeting the family will remain in touch with the clergy with regard to details of the service. Vee or Lesley will keep in contact with the families up to and after the funeral by telephone, sending cards and, if requested, home visits, to give as much support as the family feels they may need. This contact remains for as long as the families wish to continue, for there is no time limit to grief. There is no ‘getting over’ or ‘moving on’, for those who grieve just keep moving, learning to live with the pain of their loss, for however long it may take.

The families we have been privileged to walk this sad road with, have become our friends through the sharing of their grief, and have very much appreciated the support given.

However, this support is not just for the newly bereaved, for grief and memories can rise up and affect us at any time. So it is our aim that we should be available for anyone who has been bereaved at any stage in the days, months or even years afterwards. If anyone should feel that they wish to discuss any issues surrounding bereavement please do contact a member of the support team.

For as it says in the hymn…….

I will weep when you are weeping

When you laugh, I’ll laugh with you.

I will share your joy and sorrow

until we’ve seen this journey through.

Contact : Lesley Flannagan or Vee Bolch via Church Office      01452 855553.